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About Us

Empower your life with the heart of a horse.

Situated North of the Klusken Hills, Seen & Herd is a small family ranch with big ideas. We started the business with the raw passion to influence positive changes in horses and peoples lives. 


From our experience, horses have helped navigate people through education, careers, countries or to put it simply, life. We want to provide the opportunity for anyone to work with horses in a safe and peaceful environment, with the tools and training to be successful.

- Jessica Kosheiff 

Lead EAL Facillitator



Horses help us visualize how we subconsciously interact with the world when we work with them.They are naturally prey animals and are hard wired to live in the present. If a horse was to think about all the things they have to do today, a predator could sneak up on them since they're thoughts were too busy to hear what was going on around them. Progress happens when we choose to join them in the moment and there is an obvious change when that truly happens.

We facilitate the horse/human interaction in a safe environment and provide the opportunity for self development.

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Why Horses

What We Do


-One on One-

60-90 Mins horsemanship based exercises on the ground or riding followed by a debrief. 


Up to 4 people 90-120 Mins horsemanship based exercises on the group or riding followed by a debrief. Inquire for over 4 people.


-Trail of the Heart- 

6 week Self Discovery

Join the herd on a journey to your heart

Each session we build a campfire, warm the cocoa and discuss the weekly topics, We then do a session with the horses to help you navigate your journey.

-Leadership Through Horsemanship-

6 week level based program each spring/fall

Join the herd and lead them to success

Each session promotes learning life skills, giving participants the chance to experience confidence, trust and empathy through horsemanship.

-EAL Associate-

Full/Half Day Intro to EAL

Learn the ways of the herd

This program demonstrates how EAL works. Become a certified wrangler and join the herd in changing lives.

-Part of the Herd-

Full/Part Time Riding Club

Become Part of the Herd

Our monthly membership gives you the chance to work with and ride horses anytime!


All Sessions and Programs are available for individual, family, group, organization and corporate facilitation. Contact for Pricing. We can also bring the horses to you or work with you and your own horse at your place. 

Free Walk & Talk

Equine Assisted Learning is better understood with an experience. Your first session is free, we walk through the herd of horses and all get to know each other. We give you the chance to decide if this is for you.

What often happens is one horse will notice you. They’ll come over to you, sometimes boldly or sometimes you won’t even realize them standing behind you. They may look you in the eye or they might just lower their head to your side. However the horse shows you, they will always welcome you into the herd.

What We Do
Wellness & Retreats

"Jessica has been teaching my children how to ride for the last 6 years. During that time, she has taught so much more than horsemanship. Every lesson ties into everyday life as she shows my children how to transfer the skills they learn. 

Recently, the expansion of her program to include EAL has been a real blessing to our family as we are learning to help one of our children navigate anxiety and depression. In the few short months sense Jessica implimented the EAL approach, we have seen many milestones we didn't yet expect to reach. I strongly recommend this program to help teens and young adults to cope with the stresses of today's world.


— Name, Title

"This. Is. Amazing! I couldn’t believe how much she opened up on the way home. About how she identified with Coal leaving his herd, and how she was able to help him was really how she could help herself (knowing the herd would be reunited and everyone was safe). And then, (thanks to the moment when she unintentionally spooked Coal).. We used to think of the anxiety and “Sunday scaries” as monsters that needed to be knocked down, but we reframed that to view them as wild horses that needed to be approached slowly, calmly, so not to spook them and set them off running. 

I also love these sessions because they are teaching her the 5 senses grounding tool in a new way.

Thank you so much!



& Retreats

-Unbridled Frontier-

8 week self development program with 3 night/4 day mountain ride

-Smokey Willow Cabins-

Customized to facilitate any programs in a get-away package, located north of Fairview

-EAL Facilitator Training-

Interested in becoming a facilitator? Spend 5 days at Mica Mountain Ranch with Jessica Kosheiff and Tamara Cinnamon, Founders of Equine Assisted Way. In this retreat you will comeplete your training after finishing the online prep. Not only will you be prepared as a facilitator, but also on becoming an Equine Entrepreneur. 

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About Jessica

Certified Equine Assisted Facilitator

Jessica has been around horses from a young age. She was born and raised in England and rode at various equestrian facilities throughout her youth.

Korinji Stables in East Kent UK was where she spent most of her time. They took in horses that had various training issues then re-trained them for various disciplines. It was there where she learnt how to ride, train and compete in equestrian sports.

In 2013 Jessica immigrated to Canada and shortly after started working at Horse Trekking Adventures continuing her horsemanship education. It was here where she met the Son of HTA owners who she later married and started a family with.

Teaching lessons and training horses has always been a part of her life no matter where she has been. She is passionate about bringing out the best in horses and humans. In 2020 she became certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator through EAL Canada which happily merged all over her passions under the same roof.

Jessica's most recent accomplishment is becoming a certified 200 hour Yoga Teacher. She aims to incorporate this practice into her programs. Jessica first started yoga in 2012 and found similarities between the mental awareness and physical awareness that horses also bring into practise.



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